The Chatty Cafe Scheme

The scheme was created on a wet and windy day when I was in a supermarket café with my four month old son.  He wasn’t great company at that age and I was feeling fed up. I looked round the café and saw an elderly lady who looked just as down as me and a young guy with severe additional needs with his support worker. I started to think about the positive impact we could all have on each other if we could all have a chat.

I know from experience that when you are feeling lonely, a short  interaction with another human can really brighten your day.

It was right there and then that the ‘Chatter & Natter’ table began (in my head and dreams to start!) but now it’s a reality. There are now over 100 cafes!

A Chatter & Natter table creates a space for people to talk; whether its for five minutes while you drink a brew, or an hour of good conversation. We’re not trying to build friendships – just simple interactions to combat loneliness and to just maybe have a big impact on someone’s day.