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How you can get involved

Chatty Table volunteer

The Chatty Café Scheme encourages venues to designate a ‘Chatter & Natter table’ where customers can sit if they want to chat to other customers.

We’re seeking Chatty Table Volunteers to set up and host a Chatter & Natter table:

  • Identify or find your nearest venue that agrees to offer a Chatter & Natter table
  • Commit to hosting a Chatter & Natter table at the same venue at the same time each week
  • Help kick-start conversations, be a friendly face at the table and promote the table within your local community

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Chatty Telephone volunteer – CURRENTLY PAUSED.

Please note, registrations to this role are currently paused. We hope to re-open shortly, so please check back for regular updates.

We’re seeking Chatty Telephone Volunteers to make weekly calls to:

  • Phone those experiencing loneliness for 30 minutes each week
  • Phone at the same time and day each week (please check you have unlimited minutes on your phone)
  • Help reduce loneliness by having weekly chats

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Help make a difference to someone’s life

“I have long periods where I don’t speak to anyone, I can go a few days without speaking to anyone. After the call I feel happier and calmer. It helps me feel part of things. At the end of each day I think, did I speak to anyone today? And Monday’s I always can say I did.”

Andy, Norfolk, Receiving weekly calls from a Chatty Volunteer