Please follow the link below to register to become a Chatty Telephone Volunteer – thanks so much for your support!

How you can get involved

Chatty Table volunteer

The Chatty Café Scheme encourages cafés to designate a ‘Chatter & Natter table’ where customers can sit if they want to chat to other customers.

We’re seeking Chatty Table Volunteers to commit 60 minutes a week for 1 year to:

  • Identify or find your nearest venue that agrees to offer a Chatter & Natter table
  • Commit to hosting a Chatter & Natter table at the same café at the same time each week
  • Help kick-start conversations, be a friendly face at the table and promote the table within your local community

Applications available soon

Chatty Telephone volunteer

The Chatty Café Scheme connects volunteers with those experiencing loneliness and social isolation to receive a weekly telephone call.

We’re seeking Chatty Telephone Volunteers to commit 60 minutes a week for 1 year to:

  • Phone those experiencing loneliness for 30 minutes each week
  • Phone at the same time and day each week (please check you have unlimited minutes on your phone)
  • Help reduce loneliness by having weekly chats

Apply here to become a Telephone Volunteer

Help make a difference to someone’s life

“I have long periods where I don’t speak to anyone, I can go a few days without speaking to anyone. After the call I feel happier and calmer. It helps me feel part of things. At the end of each day I think, did I speak to anyone today? And Monday’s I always can say I did.”

Andy, Norfolk, Receiving weekly calls from a Chatty Volunteer