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New addition to the Chatty Cafe Team

Posted on 7 November 2019

Hi everyone, I am Jenny, Alex’s sister, and I can now announce after months of helping out, that I’m officially on the team! I started out in January assisting Alex (who is a full time social worker) with the scheme. I recall it only taking me a few hours a day to get through everything – but back then we had about 20 venues a month sign up. That has now risen to 80 plus venues a month and there are now not enough hours in the day!

I am loving being part of The Chatty Cafe, speaking to so many different people everyday. Everyone I talk to is so positive and passionate about the scheme but the best part of my role has to be when we receive feedback from people who have sat at a Chatter & Natter table. That is when it really hits home how that small idea my little sister had in a Sainsburys Cafe a few years ago has impacted so many people’s lives.