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The Joy of Conversation

Posted on 8 January 2018

Have you ever considered the joy of conversation? Even a small exchange of words ‘morning how’s your day going?’ what a difference that can make to how you feel and how your day will go.

Imagine a day with no exchange of words – some days we might long for this, (a bit of peace and quiet as my dad would have put it) but like most things its nice when its a choice and not the norm. A day with no conversation might feel like a break, but ongoing days/weeks/months without so much as an exchange of words well that would get most people down.

Communication between humans has underpinned everything we know and love; from exploration, relationships, the shaping of the world around us, medicine, engineering; everything has been constructed through some form of communication.

But we are stripping it back to the days of talking in person. We love the internet but the real ‘joy’ of conversation we think is held when two or more people are communicating using hand gestures, facial expressions, slurping coffee and spilling it down themselves. Quick hellos or long, deep discussions (d&m’s – deep and meaningfuls :)) Anything goes – it might be an awkward “the weathers terrible isn’t it” or someone pouring their heart out because they have no one else to talk to but you.

Interacting with another human is one of life’s joys;

the opportunity to say something to another person is something we most certainly take for granted and might only truly recognize when a person is gone, as is the sound of a person answering us.

For people unable to access conversation whether it be through isolation, loneliness, bereavement or shyness, we bet our bottom dollars they long for it and hold it in high regard.

What we are getting at here is that conversation is a joyous thing to treasure – so treasure it and use it.