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Chatter & Natter Weekly Calls

Posted on 15 April 2017

I am a Social Prescribing Link Worker and a key part of my role is connecting my clients to services which help them to engage in the community and receive the support that they need. Throughout the pandemic, the impact that loneliness has on individuals has been highlighted. When I have mentioned the Chatty Café Befriending Scheme to some of my clients, they have immediately told me how much they would love to just speak to someone. The importance of conversation cannot be understated, and the service that Jenny and her team provide is brilliant. I would not know where to turn if the Chatty Café did not provide the befriending service. It is a service that myself, my colleagues and my client’s value very much. I have absolute confidence when referring a client to the scheme that they will be provided with a service that will have an immeasurably positive impact on their wellbeing. Thank you to Jenny and everyone at the Chatty Café!

“It’s fabulous, the phone calls make a big difference, I really look forward to them, this has gotten me through lockdown.”

“It’s fabulous, the phone calls make a big difference, I really looks forward to them, its gotten me through lockdown.”

Loved talking to xxxx, she was a lovely lady and made me feel like a pal not that she had to do it.

Really helpful, I love to simply converse with people, it is really nice speaking to xxxx, it is so nice to have a chat with someone.

“It is so nice talking to someone from different parts of the UK.”

Calls are fab, it gives me something to look forward to its really nice that xxxx is not a professional but that we get to know little bits about each other, xxxx has a fantastic memory and remembers lots of details. She puts a smile on my face and I really need that at the moment.

I really look forward to the calls and it has become a bit of a lifeline, we get on well, both love make up, fashion and clothes.

“xxxx phones on Thursdays, I really look forward to the calls, it’s so nice we’re at other ends of the country and can talk about what is going on where we are both located.”

“Calls are going so well, we have a laugh and it makes a difference.”

“I love talking to xxxx, we make each over laugh.”

“xxxx is really good, he has pulled me along, he gives me a big lift and ideas of things to do. Xxxx is a really great person, the phone calls are really helpful.”

“The calls are lovely, we have hit it off well, we both have so any things in common, both retired teachers. It’s something to look forward to.”

“The calls are going well we have a natter and a chat about everything from the weather to what we are doing. I feels loads better after them.”

“The calls are lovely, the volunteer is brilliant and she is lovely, I’m relaxed talking to her about anything. They make me feel better and happier.”