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Level Ground Community Cafe

Spirella Bldg, Bridge Rd, Letchworth Garden City SG6 4ET

About Level Ground Community Cafe

Our Level Ground Co. Community Café gives us a great platform to truly engage with and support our local community.

From here, we are able to offer much-needed and meaningful opportunities for work experience, providing a tailored pathway into sustainable employment. Ours is a 'light touch' approach, respecting the unique needs and challenges of each individual and allowing them to progress at a pace that works for them.

Our commitment is not just about finding employment; we recognise that for many, regular paid employment is a long-term aspiration.

Opportunities like ours give an element of structure to people's lives, enabling them to make a positive contribution to society while, at the same time, improving confidence, reducing anxiety, and generally becoming more independent—all game changers.

If you would like to volunteer to help host a Chatter & Natter table at this venue, apply here.