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Why I became a Chatty Table Volunteer

Posted on 15 November 2022

June is a Chatty Table Volunteer who hosts a Chatter & Natter table every Monday morning from 10:30am – 11:30am at The Howard Arms Hotel, 1 Front St, Brampton CA8 1NG.

Having already been involved with our local Chatter & Natter table, I was delighted to be able to take over when my friend who started it in Brampton was moving down south earlier this year.

After working in sheltered housing for the latter part of my working career, I already had a great knowledge of people living alone and feeling lonely. I have seen how important a simple chat can be for someone needing to talk to another person who would listen to their problems and give them support.

After quite a slow start, the Chatter & Natter table has really taken off and we now have regulars who turn up every week. I feel that advertising is important, the best advertising is definitely word of mouth, but it also helps that we have a very warm and welcoming venue where we can meet and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and people can engage with each other.

As a volunteer I find that the Chatty Cafe is also good for my well-being, giving me the opportunity to help others during these difficult times.

Ruth Seggie, Licensee of The Howard Arms Hotel, 1 Front St, Brampton CA8 1NG, said;

The chatter and natter meetings are going really well, June is brilliant and is making the group a success. We have a few regulars that come every week and people really appreciate that we are there. It is bringing people closer together and less people are feeling alone which is wonderful to see and hear.

So if you are in the Brampton area and fancy a chat on a Monday morning, pop in to see June and the others at the Chatter & Natter table 😊