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Is It Making Any Money?

Posted on 2 July 2018

There are some people in my life who when talking to me about the scheme will ask the question, ‘is it making any money?’. This question has the ability to both annoy and intrigue me because when I answer that it is not a money making thing they look uncomfortable and change the subject. The reason I find it an irritating question is that it is generally the only question they ask about the scheme; so out of everything they could be interested to know, they choose to focus on the finances.
I find it intriguing because some people genuinely find it a difficult concept to grasp that a person is willing to commit time and often their own money to try and do something to no financial gain.
I have found that giving this scheme a go has been a therapeutic process and has probably benefitted me more than anybody else. I say this because it has given me a creative outlet, a focus; it has given me people to talk to, made me look critically at politics and policies and it has given me a voice.
Starting this scheme cost a grand total of £146.25 which paid for this website for one year and the poster design. I did the website myself and found the ‘how to’ guide fairly simple but when it came to designing the poster I had to pay someone who knew what they were doing!
I charge £10 per pack because that’s what it costs me for the contents and postage. The £10 makes it sustainable and means I’m not spending my own money and can still afford to eat.
The scheme might not exist to make a monetary profit but it is sustainable and that’s huge! It might take up a few hours of my week but if I wasn’t doing this I would be watching (more) tv and I really don’t miss Coronation Street that much.
Next time the question of money comes up (in a non constructive criticism kinda way) I think I will answer with ‘yes’ it profits me in more ways than one.