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Wigston Deli

29 Carlton Dr, Wigston LE18 1DF

About Wigston Deli

Can you call us ADULT PICK N MIX?!

Wigston Deli - Not Just A corner Shop

#NotJustACornerShop is a revival of Of Corner shop in Wigston under the stewardship of Pratik & Bee Master The shop is an evolution of a family run cornershop business that has been situated on the site since the 1950’s.

So, what can you expect from this exciting new addition to Wigston Fields/Knighton? #NotJustACornerShop will have a strong focus on local food items from a bygoen era such Vine Farm Milk - unhomoegenided milk that still has the cream on top - Yumm! (which is becoming increasingly popular all over the world).

The unique, interesting food stuffs on offer will come from small, independent producers (something that we can really get behind, independents supporting independents) but also with some things being produced in house with their restaurant experience such as the much love pineapple salsa which will be available on the deli counter.

These producers (actually just friends of Pratik) use low intervention practices and farm sustainably, something else which is highly worth supporting. ‘We have made lots of friends in local producers in Leicestershire and surrounding areas however due to the nature of our restaurant business, we haven’t been able to support as much as we would like to.

The relaunch of our corner shop over the past few years with the addition of a Deli counter allows us to work more closely with our local suppliers as well as support new producers/artisans in the area. It is cause that is very close to our heart because we know first hand how hard it is to start a new high quality artisanal business and we just want to be able to support in any way we can and in the process we are also able to revitalise our own business.

Alongside over 40 different local producer products, customers will also be able to enjoy a selection of local and national craft beers, ciders and spirits Burleighs Gin especially! (and a G&T of the week).

Pratik in his innocence actually wanted to call the shop Adult Pick n Mix but the family vetoed this idea because of the slightly saucy connotation associated with the name #NotJustACornerShop has come from the the general ethos of #NotJustACurry. Whatever its called, its great to see a local business revitalised and in the in the process also attempting to help other local businesses. #SupportLocal

This sounds to us like an ideal way to spend an afternoon with friends or loved ones.

To buy from the deli will be a range of fresh produce including British and European artisan cheeses, charcuterie, local milk, eggs and bread, and a selection of other popular deli items. So, head to the deli to stock up on all these delicious items, grab yourself a wonderfully unique wine or two – and you have yourself the makings of a beautiful evening in.

You can also expect regular wine tasting events at this new venue, including ‘Meet the Winemaker’, ‘Wine and Cheese’ (which we have no doubt will be extremely popular).

#NotJustACornershop is run by the duo Bee & Pratik Master (crazy one) who have been Wigston & Leicester residents for a number of years and both have been very active at Lilu in Leicester. Bee has previously worked as pharmacy dispenser but gave this up so that they could both spend some more time together even if it has been working together!

If you would like to volunteer to help host a Chatter & Natter table at this venue, apply here.