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the 1867

the 1867 (formerly Darlingtons), Northampton NN7 4LB, UK

About the 1867

The 1867 is an eatery in the courtyard of the very popular Heart Of The Shires Shopping Village on the A5, just north of Weedon.


We are open between 10-4pm, 7 days a week and always open to anyone that wants a natter – we understand.

We serve very nice speciality coffee and tea – or Yorkshire Tea!

We have simple food and cake on offer too.

Our crew want all our guests to leave, feeling better than they came in.

Feel free to talk to our friendly crew before you come, if you are a bit nervous and visiting for the first time – you wouldn’t be the first to feel that little bit apprehensive.

As soon as you arrive you will soon realise that you have come to a very friendly and safe place where we can chat as much as you like.

Our telephone number is 01327 342284 – just mention the Chatty Cafe Scheme and we will know exactly what you mean.

At certain times during the week we will reserve tables ‘for a chat’ where other guests are in a similar situation that would just like a natter.

We look forward to a natter.




If you would like to volunteer to help host a Chatter & Natter table at this venue, apply here.