What to do if you’re interested

Please go to the map on our website, enter your location to find out if a venue offering a ‘chatter & natter’ table is in a location that is convenient for you to travel to. If so, please apply using our online application (via the link below). Please include the name of the venue that you wish to volunteer at, in your application form.

Purpose of the role

The Chatty Café Scheme supports venues (cafes, pubs, community centres) to designate a table as a ‘chatter & natter’ table. We currently have over 600 venues that have joined our scheme all around the UK. Venues are seeking support from volunteers to help establish their ‘chatter & natter’ tables as places in their community where people can come together to chat and socialise. 

We are looking for volunteers to attend their nearest ‘chatter & natter’ table, to chat with other attendees and experience what it feels like to help your community connect.

Our vision is that ‘chatter & natter’ tables encourage people of all ages to talk to others and not feel so socially isolated; you will be instrumental in helping us achieve this and play a key role in connecting people within your community.

What to expect at the Chatter & Natter table

A venue joins the Chatty Café Scheme and is sent a ‘chatter & natter’ table sign and designates a table as a ‘chatter & natter’ table. This table is available to the public for anyone over the age of 18.

The volunteer must be comfortable socialising with people and have a keen eye on recognising anyone within the venue that may want to approach the table but need some help sitting with others. A ‘chatter & natter’ table should consist of light-hearted chatting with a positive and happy tone so that communities organically connect and chat. 

Is this role right for me?

You’re a strong communicator, a kind, empathetic person who is passionate about making safe and welcoming spaces for people who are experiencing limited interaction and want to connect with other people. Is this you?

We are looking for Chatty Table Volunteers with the following skills and attributes:

Requirements from you.