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Virtual Chatty Cafes

Posted on 6 March 2021

“I love that so many people join from all over the UK, from so many different backgrounds and ages, its a real mix of people which leads to great conversations.”

“I feel like I’m part of a community when I join, they’ve helped me so much.”

“So much laughter and also chat to help each other when things are tough, they are a tonic for the soul.”

“the days are very long, but attending the Virtual Chatty Cafe on Zoom gives me chance to meet new people and actually laugh!”

“I attend one of the sessions every week, and they have been a lifesaver for me during lockdown”

“the zoom chats are great because I get to hear how other people from around the UK are coping with lockdown, I don’t feel as alone”

“I was so happy I could attend the Christmas Day Virtual Chatty Cafe, I am shielding and wouldn’t have spoken to anyone all day”

“the Virtual Chatty Cafe helps me feel less alone and isolated”