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Chatter & Natter Tables

Posted on 6 March 2021

Today Chatty Café received a lovely email from a man called Richard who described a Chatter & Natter table as a way to ‘give permission’ to talk to a stranger in a safe environment. We love this description and think it perfectly captures what we are all about. Thank you for getting in touch Richard!

Such a wonderful idea my customers love it!!! I hear so much laughter coming from the Chatter & Natter table, such a wonderfully simple idea that really works in bringing people together for a good ole chat!”

“I was quite nervous about sitting at a Chatter & Natter table at first, but now I would always sit there, I love meeting new people”

” it’s just nice to chat over my cup of coffee, I live alone so I miss conversation sometimes”

“I’ve had some lovely conversations at my local Chatter & Natter table, I even sit at mine if I am with a friend”

“I’ve always enjoyed chatting, and now there is an actual table for it!”

“at my local cafe, the owner sometimes has to push 2 tables together because there are so many of us”