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The Chatty Café Campaign

Posted on 9 May 2017

I’ve decided I’m on a sort of campaign trail to get Chatter & Natter tables into cafes. Henry (my 16 month old son) is my campaign assistant. He mainly samples food at various cafes, wins over the owners with his smile (and inevitably checks out the toilet facilities). Together we are on a vital campaign to reduce loneliness, and on our journey we are meeting some amazing people. There’s a lady who works for Public Health at Tameside Council who just lives and breathes her work. Her passion to help people is like a light beam around her and she works tirelessly both in her professional and personal life to help people.

Every day I’m hearing from people ‘who just get it’, they understand the difference an interaction between people can make. To someone lonely and isolated a hello – how are you? can lift their day so much that their mood will soar and their face will brighten.

I hope if cafes have a Chatter & Natter table, even if it is just for one hour a month; that in that one hour at least two people sat with each other, sharing a conversation will leave in a great mood.

The scheme seems to be gathering momentum, and both Tameside and Oldham Councils want to get behind it and see Chatter & Natter tables in cafes across the boroughs; with the aim to hopefully reduce a little bit of loneliness that residents may be experiencing.

Thanks to everyone for sharing info on Facebook & twitter, it is much appreciated 🙂